What is Pinterest? And why can’t I stop using it!


Facebook has us intoxicated by knowing what everyone is doing at all times, Twitter has made tweet-a-holics, now will Pinterest have us wildly pinning everything in sight?

Pinterest is the new kid on the block in the social media circuit. Pinterest currently has the title of fastest growing website on the internet ever, with over 17 million visitors every month. In February Pinterest generated more traffic to websites than Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Youtube combined. A few venture capitalists have already invested $27 million, valuing the company at around $200 million. Impressive for a website launched out of an apartment just two years ago.

Ben Silbermann 29, is the mastermind behind Pinterest, a long time collector of all things interesting, he took his habit and turned it into Silicon Valley’s hottest start-up. The idea behind Pinterest was to organize anything a person ever liked on the internet. Almost like how teenagers would cut out pictures from a magazine and put them in their lockers.

The website allows accepted users, yes you have to be accepted, to pin all the beautiful images and products on the internet and organize them into custom “boards”. There are also labels to search like “recipes”, “interior design”, and beautiful vacation spots”, pined images can redirect users to a website where they can find out more information.

Pinterest can inspire you to redesign your house, or to go skiing in Colorado this winter. It is all about finding new things that a user may not have found otherwise.

I just started “pining” last week and I have already caught the bug. I go on for about an hour a day and pin images of photography and sports (my interests), then proceed to go around and look through other pins and get taken away to another world.

Marketers and big corporations are looking into Pinterest as a new way to drive sales. Pinterest is a new tool to see subscribers interests, hobbies, and products that the love. The company is very young but the possibility to monetize is great, and every big company is going to want a piece of the pie soon.

Now Pinterest needs to focus on keeping the service fresh and cool, they have a great product but it is not gold just yet. As long as Pinterest keeps differentiating itself from competitors the future seems promising.