The Ultimate Bad Boy is Back in the Spotlight

DirecTV and Fiat are cashing in on TV bad-boy Charlie Sheen. This past week two new ads have debuted starring the former “Two and a Half Men” star, now infamous for his drug fueled hotel room meltdown that led to his departure from the popular series.

Some companies might be weary of using Sheen as the face of their brand, but I see this as a prime opportunity to work with the former highest paid actor on TV as he is coming back into the limelight.

Sheen has already landed a new starring role in the show “Anger Management” debuting June 28th on FX, and its been recently reported that the star is completely sober.

Charlie Sheen has always made headlines for his antics but always manages to rebuff them and rise to the top, and last I check every brand wants to be in the headlines.

The new DirecTV ad continues with the “Bad things that will happen if you don’t switch from cable” theme and features Sheen reenacting his starting role in the film “Platoon”.

The ad pokes fun at Sheen’s bad decision making and was created by Grey New York.

Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat is also using Sheens bad boy image in marketing the new Fiat Abarth. The micro-car features edgy design in Fiat’s push to draw in more male customers.

The hilarious ad created by The Doner Agency features Sheen driving the Abarth inside a luxurious mansion as a bevy of models cheer him on. The ad even zooms into Sheen’s ankle monitor as he says, “I love being on house arrest

Fiat and DirecTv both had the right idea to work with Sheen and take advantage of his reputation, both brands want to make their products seem out-of-control and rebellious to the consumers, all characteristics of the actor.