New Client Announcement! POP Kids!

347 Design is excited to announce our most recent branding and design client Pop Kids! Pop Kids is a luxury children’s retailer that has come to 347 Design for website, branding and logo design. We are excited to take on this project to create and develop a fun logo and branding campaign that will speak to children and parents merging safety information with great retail.


Brand watch: Nokia

While attending Social Media Week, no one could help but feel the presence of Nokia, its main Global Partner. Recently, Nokia has been lauded as ushering in Window’s boost in the mobile telecomm market, but two years ago, the brand sought to find its US foothold.

A year ago, when Nokia announced its partnership with Windows, many said that both companies would eventually be edged out of the mobile communications race. A year ago, the US was very much enraptured and divided by Blackberry and Apple.

A year later, with much of its broad strategic partnership plan in execution, Nokia used its complimentary strengths to build a better system for its products.

Nokia, now the number one vendor of the Windows Phone 7, has solidified its brand promise to deliver amazing hardware.

With companies such as HTC already holding contracts with Windows, Nokia still has a lot to prove, but if its recent rollouts are any indication of its capacity to excel in its offering, the path will be bright and lit with mobile device LEDs.


Social Media Week: Whos Got Kred?

This week 347 Design headed to the New York headquarters of Social Media Week. Owned and operated by Crowdcentric Media, a New York based strategy firm, Social Media Week brought together almost 75,000 attendees in its twelve-city span and almost 500,000 viewers through online and mobile connections through the SMW Live Stream Page. With Global Partners Nokia, Oglivy and Constant Contact, the activity and panel based platform brought together some of the brightest and best in social media, marketing and education.

The Rogues Gallery was impressive. Paul Adams, the Global Brand Experience Manager of Facebook, Guihem Fouetillou, Fabio Coelho, the lest went on and on. Our team was standing on the shoulders of Giants. The most interesting of them, however, wasn’t a person, but a social media scoring system, Kred.

Kred, the latest product from start PeopleBrowser was in full use during the week.  Non-aggressive in its presence, the scoring system highlighted, in real-time, the influencers present in a room. Our introduction to the product came via an actual Influencers panel discussion, where we presented with two types of engagers, those who both influence and outreach.

Taking into account elements such as how often your tweets are retweeted and how many replies you generate, it gives a numerical score to your ability to inspire others.

Brand Managers- you can keep track of those who you influence by keeping them in communities to track.

Kred will not only be a competitor or sister program to Klout, but something much more, in our opinion.

It may answer that tricky question of social media ROI.


Because if you can track how you influence the influencers, you track how you influence the world.


347 Design attends Capsule Tradeshow!


This past week 347 Design attended the Capsule Showcase NYC. Capsule is a women’s fashion and accessories showcase with over 200 brands displayed. With everything from high fashion to punk rock inspired clothing, buyers defiantly got a great look into what is in for the 2012 winter collections. The brands 347 Design felt stood out the most were Otis & Maclain and Baggu.

New Client Announcement!


347 Design is happy to announce our newest client! is a action power house for watches and accessories. As an online retailer that sells brand name designers such as Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana. Hippsh came to 347 Design to build their online business from the ground up with branding and design work.

The Dead Speak…for Brands We Love

With the death of a celebrity, ultimately comes the question of how that brand would be handled in the future.  The world, now recovering from the shock of Whitney Houston’s death should expect in a few years to hear her songs promoting everyday products. That, some may argue, is the measure of life’s brand- the ability to garner revenue after death by utilizing the media created in life. So close to a death, a la Heath Ledger, using a deceased celebrity for marketing may seem irresponsible. However, the fact remains, that deceased celebrity name rights can be more profitable and secure than living celebrities. Ask the holders to the rights of Bob Marley.

In today´s dead celebrity market, the Bob Marley brand finds itself in good company. Audrey Hepburn, Kurt Cobain, Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon  all have had their likenesses attached to advertising deals and merchandise for huge profits after death.


Mostly, because the brand equity associated with long deceased celebrities will likely never see the same level of loss due to scandal as living celebrities.

Thanks Social Media!

In fact, with a smart approach to the deceased star’s influence a brand can utilize nostalgia to increase its market share potential.

So, to the future brand managers and watchers, look which celebrities are capitalizing on their fame now, and then watch their beloved brand sky rocket post mortem.


347 Design Attends Elements Showcase New York.


This past week 347 Design attended the Elements Showcase in NYC. Elements Showcase is a fragrance and skin care tradeshow that showcases some of the biggest brands, as well as new up and coming brands. There was a great mix of European companies as well as brands from all across the United States. Two brands we really liked were Portland General Store and Sarah Horowitz Parfums.

Brand Watch: Charity Water

Here’s the Lesson From A Non Profit Like Charity Water: Decide How You Are Different, Be It, and Forget the Rest.

Kivi from the Non Profit Marketing Guide says this and we thoroughly agree!

“We model ourselves and our businesses nonprofits after other successful people and businesses nonprofits spending considerable money and energy discovering and replicating best practices, looking for that one recipe for success.

Here’s the thing: If you look like other people, and if your business nonprofit looks like other businesses nonprofits, then all you’ve done is increase your pool of competition. Face it: You’re different. And the sooner you appreciate it, the sooner you embrace and assert it, the more successful you’ll be.

What’s Different about Charity: Clean water wanting people in struggling nations isn’t new or different. Organizations have been working on it forever. But what’s different about Charity: Water is how they have focused on connecting donations to a specific well, showing that well under construction, and showing the actual human beings who benefit from that well.

Here’s what founder Scott Harrison advises other nonprofits to do: “Simplicity is key. Be able to tell your story simply. I can’t tell you how many nonprofits I meet and after three minutes talking to them, I still have no idea what they do. Show. Don’t tell. And do it visually. Use the Web to tell people where their money has gone and let them see what it has done.”

Charity: Water uses the technology available today to broadcast real images and stories, often in real-time, creating a direct connection between supporters and the people around the world drilling the wells and drinking from them. It’s the showing that is so different. Like Scott said, it’s so simple, and yet so brilliant, because no one else did it this way before.

It’s different, and that’s why they are raising a ton of new money for what’s really an old cause.”

So Be Different, Embrace That Difference, Go For It Non Profit.

What I think- The World Needs You Now!

Check out Kivi’s blog at for her up to the minute commentary on business non-profits.

Brand Watch: Target

Brand Watch: Target.  Target Corp., the Minneapolis-based retailer, has parted ways with Wieden+Kennedy as its advertising agency  according Ad Age, a long running accredited advertising publication.

Almost simultaneously, Wieden+Kennedy and Target confirmed the separation after being together for six years. In 2009, Target named W+K (the abbreviation for the famed agency) its lead agency after having collaborated with several big names including the Gods of Foot Apparel, Nike. (Sidenote: I spent a few years working over at adidas, so take the deity reference at face value.)

Both sides issued statements, with Tom Blessington, a W+K partner, telling Ad Age, “It is never easy to part ways with a client. We are proud of our six-year history with Target and wish them the best.”

Shawn Gensch, VP-marketing and head of partner management at Target, said, “Target is proud of what we accomplished with the Wieden+Kennedy team during our six-year partnership.”

The Ad Age story noted that former Target marketer Michael Francis, was the person responsible for naming W+K Target’s lead agency. Francis now works for JC Penney Co. having left Target in October.



Defining your Business in Trade Shows Part 2

Hey brand builders, we are back with our blog review of the benefits of your company’s attendance at, believe it or not, trade shows!

This week I’m going to begin by analyzing the benefits of tradeshows for a company such as ours, the creative agency.

Let’s say you’re a creative agency promoting a highly visual medium such as design or photography, banners can be incredibly effective in capturing the attention of prospective clients. You might use them to display a collage of your work, or even line up a number of large full-print banner stands to display your best work in all its glory.

The important thing here is that you’re getting up close and personal, setting out your pitch for the world (or at least the exhibition hall) to see.

Aside from attracting new clients, exhibiting your work can also be a massive confidence boost. It’s always encouraging to receive compliments and interest in your work, so an exhibition day can be a very fulfilling day for creative agencies. Sometimes, even we here at 347Design, need a boost of good ole grade A confidence.

As well as the leads and opportunities you might gain by attending an exhibition, you may also come away with some fresh ideas for your business. Not only can you pick the brains of those whose business you seek, but you may also find inspiration from chatting to those who are exhibiting as well. Attending an exhibition can also be a much-needed chance for lone freelancers to socialize and network with like-minded people, build up valuable contacts and even form friendships.

Being a regular attendee of trade shows and exhibitions in your specialized field can help you build your reputation as a hardy business with a broad knowledge of your industry. It can be worth it to mention your trade show attendance to current and potential clients. Your attendance at a high profile professional event should be flaunted at every possible opportunity. Use it as an opportunity to further your current relationships with your existing contacts.

Tip: Use your website to advertise your attendance and invite everyone to visit with clear directions to the event and to your individual booth.

Happy Hunting & Happy New Year!